Cricket World Cup: Media Monitor

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As Hansie [Cronje] and his men fly home they should take spirit in the knowledge that they competed with heart and talent, giving us weeks of exhilaration and, yes, disappointment that such a fine team did not make the final. But going down fighting is no disgrace - you and your men did us proud, Hansie

Johannesburg Star

It took just one ill-timed dash for glory to turn a potential Cup of joy into one of extreme bitterness

Pretoria News

Hansie Cronje's men died as gloriously as it is possible to do in a semi-final that will go down in the record books as a tie

The Mercury, Durban

Australia went to sleep with its World Cup hopes in tatters and woke up to find the unbelievable had happened

Herald-Sun, Melbourne

We're In!

Front-page headline in Herald-Sun, Melbourne


Back-page headline in Herald-Sun, Melbourne

Looking back at their [Pakistan's] performance, I think only one team can beat Pakistan and that is Pakistan. Complacency will be their biggest enemy'

Hanif Mohammad, former Pakistan captain, Dawn newspaper, Karachi