Cricket: Yorkshire to vote on fixture switch

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YORKSHIRE'S MEMBERS will be asked to vote for a return of first- class cricket to Sheffield and Harrogate from the year 2000 at their annual meeting in Huddersfield next month.

Sheffield member Bob Jackson and Doncaster's Sid Fielden, who is a candidate for the committee this year, have tabled the motion and have held a meeting in Sheffield to rally support. A similar move at a recent annual meeting was defeated.

Fielden said: "Many members, particularly in the south and north of the county, feel let down by the committee. Given the choice I would rather see this resolution passed than get on the committee."

The battle lines are being drawn up with the Yorkshire cricket chairman, Bob Platt, leading the opposition to the motion, which will be heard on 13 March. He has warned that taking more cricket away from Headingley may kill off the chances of investment in developing the ground and mean the end of Test cricket in Leeds in the near future.