Ashes 2015: Bleak day for England briefly lit up as cameras catch poor woman missing her chair and falling over live on TV

The unlucky lady got a big cheer from the crowd and even a laugh from the players before taking a bow for her efforts

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It's been a slow and frustrating day at Lord's for England fans. So thank your lucky stars for one unlucky crowd member who's given everyone something to smile about.

With Australia remorselessly making their way past 100 without losing a wicket the Sky cameras needed to find something to cheer up viewers at home.

Scrolling through the crowd they settled on a young woman making her way back to her seat. Unfortunately she never made it.


Whether it was the fault of the man next to her for not putting the seat down or hers for not looking where she was going it made for pure TV gold. And happily someone caught it on Vine.

An unlucky lady missed her chair at Lord's live on TV

The woman sits with her head in her hands in embarrassment

But she soon sees the funny side of it

Watch the video of the incident below...


Even Joe Root couldn’t control himself, with the spinner unable to complete his delivery as he was in fits of laughter. It certainly must have beaten getting hammered around the ground by David Warner.

With the tourists well on course to level the series England fans need something to cling on to. So let’s thank this spectator for giving us a moment that will make this Test worth remembering.