Ashes 2015: The top five sledges

Video: Which put down from cricket's greatest rivalry and tournament is the best of them all?

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Ahead of the starts of this year's Ashes - the 69th such occasion in 133 years - both captains from England and Australia said that their teams will not cross the line and that the game will be tough but fair.

The last series, that took place down under, saw a lot of sledging between the sides with insults and intimidation becoming as much of a norm in recent years as lbws and rain delays.

Some have decried the unsporting nature of sledging while others see its a bit of fun and a way to ruffle the opponent's feathers. It depends on where you stand with regards to sledging being a harmless joke or something more sinister.

Take this exchange between Glenn McGrath and Michael Atherton: the Australian says to the English batsman, "Athers, it would help if you got rid of the s**t at the end of your bat."

Atherton the looked at the bottom of his bat before McGrath replied, "No, mate, at the other end."

For more such sledging, watch the video above.