Australian TV presenter Karl Stefanovic blasted for racially abusive joke after he asks Indian cricket fan 'who's manning the 7-eleven?'

The fan named Kartik responds by telling Stefanovic he might be out of a job pretty soon

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An Australian TV presenter has landed himself in hot water after making a racist remark to an Indian cricket fan during the Cricket World Cup semi-final between the two countries.

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic asked the fan named as Kartik who would be “manning the 7-Elevens”, a chain of convenient stores located across the globe. The racial jibe was quickly picked up on social media and Stefanovic was condemned for his abusive comment.

However, Kartik’s response was nothing short of brilliant – and probably accurate – as he explained Stefanovic might be out of a job pretty soon.


It’s not the first time that Stefanovic has made reference to the convenience store chain and used it in a joke that can be considered racially motivated.



A quick glance at his Twitter account shows two other tweets posted today, in which he also makes reference to New Zealanders working at the store.


“For a variety of reasons it would be sweet as if Australia wins this World Cup. Otherwise I will have to buy my NZ lamb from another 7 11,” one tweet posted by Stefanovic read.

Indian fans cheer on the national side in the World Cup semi-final against Australia

“I just got charged 21 bucks for a slurpy at the 7 11. What's that about. Great drink though,” the second added.