Butt explains £15,000 in hotel room as accumulated 'daily tour allowances'

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Salman Butt, the former Pakistan captain, has attempted to explain the huge amount of money he had on him when he was questioned in relation to allegations of match-fixing that soured his country's tour of England during the summer.

Tens of thousands of pounds were found in Butt's hotel room during the fourth Test between Pakistan and England at Lord's after stories emerged of Butt being involved in his players deliberately bowling no-balls during the series against England.

Butt was asked if he could understand why people might think that having that amount of cash in his hotel room might look corrupt. "I think everybody knows the PCB [Pakistan Cricket Board] pays us daily allowances on tours," Butt said, "and it was a long tour so about £11,000 of that money was from my daily allowances and, being captain, I have extra entertainment allowance which amounts to about £4,500 on the tour which I had with me."

Butt, who was speaking on a Sky Sports News Special Report into Pakistani cricket which will be aired tonight, was also asked if he felt he had played his last international match. "I certainly would not like to think like that," Butt, who has been suspended by the PCB, said. "I will still remain positive and hopeful.

"I know inside what I am made of, where I have come from and how I have played my cricket and, believe me, it has been a lot of passion all throughout my life and, believe me, the love of the game has brought me here and that love is bigger than any corruption which exists."

Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have all been suspended by the PCB after it was revealed that a huge amount of money had been gambled on no-balls being delivered at certain, pre-determined moments during the Lord's Test match.