England angry at India and ICC over changes to review system

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England are furious about the changes they have been forced to make in the decision review system for the Test series against India. After the ICC changed their policy – when India exerted their influence – a much-diluted application of referrals will be used.

No reviews of leg before wicket decisions will be allowed. Predictive technology such as Hawk-Eye has been banned, temporarily at least, because India have persuaded the ICC that it is inaccurate.

The DRS can be used for all other decisions apart also from timed out. The technology which the ICC will permit is slow motion, super slow motion and ultra motion replays, sound from the stump microphone and the hot-spot camera. Each team will be permitted two unsuccessful reviews per innings.

England have barely been able to conceal their annoyance at either the ICC or India and are concerned that the watching public have become accustomed to one method and are now being expected to familiarise themselves with another.

Television replays will, of course, show Hawk-Eye and the grey pitch mat. The scope for umpiring embarrassment and spectator disapproval is vast.