Flower orders more rotation next year for England staff and players

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Andy Flower, the England coach, is likely to take another break from his duties in charge of the team during the next year. England face a relentless schedule in 2012 that could see them in action every month.

Such is the demand that will inevitably place on a small group of players and coaches, Flower is planning to further utilise a rotation policy among the squad and its support staff. Flower sat out England's one-day international in Ireland in August, leaving Richard Halsall, the assistant coach, to stand in.

"We will have to use some sort of rotation policy, otherwise not only fast bowlers will burn out, batsmen too," said Flower. "Batsmen sometimes need emotional, mental breaks, sometimes physical. It is very hard to sustain elite performance for long periods of time if you aren't getting regeneration time."

A similar approach will be applied to England's back-room too. "Given the schedule that we've got over the next couple of years, all of our coaching and management staff should be scheduled in for breaks," said Flower, who was also at pains to emphasise how he and the squad appreciate their lot overall. He said: "We are in very privileged positions."

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