Must watch: Batsman Jesse Ryder hits massive six, puts dent in commentator Ian Smith's car

Smith was calling the Super Smash match in New Zealand when Ryder hit the shot that damaged his rental car

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Commentator Ian Smith was in disbelief when a six hit by Jesse Ryder left him having to describe how the shot had damaged the roof of his own car.

Smith, a veteran of the commentary box, was calling the Super Smash game in Hamilton when Otago Volts batsman Ryder crashed the ball over the boundary. To ball landed on the roof of a vehicle in the car park leaving a visible dent. Smith then realised, to his disbelief, that the car was his own.

“It’s on my car!? It is. I think it hit my car,” said Smith.

“I don’t believe it. The downside of getting a park so close.

“It’s a rental. I don’t believe it. I think it’s mine. For God’s sake Jesse.”

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The incident comes in the same week that a fan, also watching the Otago Volts, managed to catch a boundary and win himself a prize of $5,000.


You win some, you lose some.