Pakistan to lobby ICC over Shoaib

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The Pakistan Cricket Board has urged the International Cricket Council to study medical reports on Shoaib Akhtar before taking any further action against the fast bowler.

Shoaib was reported for a suspect action during the recent Sharjah Trophy tournament, the third time in his career that he has been reported and the second time this year.

"We will approach the ICC to have a closer look at the medical report by the University of Western Australia last April on Shoaib," the PCB's director, Munawwar Rana, said. "We feel the problem lies in his peculiar physiology with respect to hyper-mobility of his joints, including the bowling arm."

The ICC said that it had appointed the former West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding to work with Shoaib on his bowling action. An assessment of Shoaib's action will be submitted to the ICC and the PCB within three months. The ICC said that Shoaib would be permitted to continue playing international cricket during that period.