Positive tests expected in cricket drug survey

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All England's professional cricketers will be drug tested in the next few days. And positive results are expected.

Samples of players' hair will be taken to check the extent of recreational drug use in the game, with Angus Porter, the chief executive of the Professional Cricketers' Association, admitting: "I would be surprised if we got a complete clean sheet simply because of the experience of other sports and the statistics of the age group we're talking about.

"I would be astonished if we find one in every dressing room but I would be equally astonished if we don't find a single positive test."

This is a pilot project the PCA is conducting with the England and Wales Cricket Board ahead of establishing a permanent procedure before next season. A positive test in the pilot will not count as a "strike" against the player. But anyone who does get a positive result will receive communication from Dr Nick Peirce, the ECB's chief medical officer, who will help decide whether counselling or treatment are needed. The tests are being conducted in strict confidence, though the general results will be released.