The Ashes: Great bowling performances

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The 2010/11 Ashes are nearly upon us as England look to retain the urn against Australia.

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As we build up to what is promising to be a hard-fought and competitive series, we bring you a collection of great performances with the ball.

The Ashes has never lacked for extraordinary bowling, from the guile of the spinners to the searing, fearsome pace and swing of some of the best quicks the cricketing world has seen. Boiling the list down has been problematic, as the names of those left out attest.

Legends like Frank "Typhoon" Tyson, who destroyed Australia in the 1954/55 series haven't made it in. Nor has Freddie Trueman who snared four on his Ashes debut, or Alec Bedser who took 39 wickets in 1953. Australia's Bill O'Reilly was dubbed by Wisden as "one of the greatest bowlers of all time" after his 1938 Ashes tour while fast bowler Ray Lindwall who produced a spell against England that Donald Bradman called "one of the most brilliantly devastating".

Yet those who have been selected performed exceptionally, winning individual Tests single-handedly and often changed the course of entire series.