Vaughan confident England tourists will not be left in a spin

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"The team Nasser brought here was experienced," he said after the team's arrival in Islamabad yesterday amid tight security. "Ours is quite young and they are very good players, very talented. They have learned well in the short spells they have had and they are going to have to learn fast to play well out here. We will have to use all our expertise to make our plans.

"Things have happened fast for the England team over the last couple of years and for myself personally. Probably one of the toughest things is to come out here to Pakistan and get a series win. I saw how much was involved last time."

Vaughan said that the players will have to adapt quickly to very different conditions. "The players will have to make some technical changes to do well after their win at home.

"These are new conditions for a lot of our lads and they are excited about trying to do well in Pakistan, who have improved in the last year."

"Our strengths have been in our character in tough sessions and tough games," Vaughan added. "We have some very good players, but the important thing is the way we have bounced back from the odd defeat or bad day very well.

"It will be a tough challenge. We will work very, very hard. A key area is fitness. The games could easily go five days."

When it comes to spin, Vaughan is encouraged by England's recent examination by the master, Shane Warne. "We have improved a hell of a lot against spin under [the coach] Duncan Fletcher and we have had some success on the subcontinent."

"If it is going to keep low from day one the Pakistan batsmen are going to have to cope with our bowlers as well."

Vaughan said that in order to displace Australia as the top team in the world, England would have to start beating teams on away tours as well as winning consistently at home.

"This tour and the one to India after Christmas is part of our bid to become the No 1 team in the world as we are still not there."