Cycling: Boardman's club in row

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THE CLUB of Chris Boardman, the Olympic gold medallist, is at the centre of a dispute over the design of their racing jersey, writes Robin Nicholl.

The Professional Cycling Association has accused the racing committee of the British Cycling Federation of a 'total about-face' over breaches of regulations concerning the lettering on the jersey worn by North Wirral Velo, who are sponsored by Kodak Printing.

It is reporting the federation president, Ian Emmerson - who has an interest in a clothing company, Impsport, which manufactures the clothing - and members of the racing committee to the sport's world governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale.

The association complained that the jersey did not comply because there were more than the permitted three lines of lettering on its front and that the jersey bore a sponsor's logo.

Six of the eight racing committee members agreed that it was a breach of the regulations, but they have since decided that the jersey was acceptable.

Chris Welton, chairman of the Professional Cycling Association, accused them of 'running away from a confrontation with a club that contains the Olympic gold medallist. Having given categoric assurances as to the illegality of the jersey, all but Gerry McDaid and Dave Cockram did a total about-face and found instead that the jersey did comply.'