Cycling: Obree's style is cramped

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THE 'downhill skier' style that helped Graeme Obree race to three world records and a world title in 10 months has been outlawed by the International Cycling Union 'on the grounds of safety and fairness', writes Robin Nicholl.

His world one-hour mark of 52.713 kilometres, set last week in Bordeaux, will be ratified, however, as the new regulation only took effect yesterday.

Yesterday in Rome, the ICU set a standard riding position and said that future design innovations had to be submitted between 1 June and 31 August of each year to be allowed from 1 January of the following year.

Jean Wauthier, one of the union's men investigating design and development, said that Obree would not have reached 46km in an hour on a conventional bike and the classic riding position.

Anticipating a ban, the world pursuit champion is to use triathlon handlebars instead of 30cm (12in) wide bars. 'I don't want to be remembered just for this bike. I want to prove that I can race in a group and ride all track races,' Obree said.