Cycling: Robert Millar named as Britain's new road racing coach

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Robert Millar is Britain's new full-time road racing coach. In Tour de France history the Scot was the only Briton to win a prize category, the red polka dot jersey of best climber, and was our best finisher with fourth overall in 1984.

TOUR OF SARDINIA (Cagliari, 182km) First stage (It unless stated): 1 N Minali 4hr 18min 36sec; 2 E Leoni; 3 M Tomi; 4 J Svorada (Cz Rep); 5 M Mori; 6 G Balducci; 7 V Djavanian (Rus); 8 F Colonna; 9 F Frigo; 10 S Giacomelli all same time.