Cycling:L GB Federation under scrutiny

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British cycling is facing a shake-up following a Sports Council investigation which claimed that the executive of the British Cycling Federation "failed to operate properly".

Now the eight unpaid executive directors have been replaced by an emergency committee who have been given eight months to review the Federation's activities and make recommendations.

After studying Federation accounts and the management structure, the Sports Council have told the Federation to hire a management accountant and find a full-time executive director to run the finance, marketing and administration.

"The auditors had reservations about the structure of the financial system and the directors' accountability over their budgets, " Dermot Collins of the Sports Council told Federation delegates at Rotherham.

A third of the Federation's income is pounds 600,000 from the Sports Council, which also funds cycling's showpiece, the Manchester Velodrome, which is also the Federation's headquarters. "That is public money for which we are accountable," Collins said.

Federation delegates had acted before he spoke. They "sacked" their directors after a call for the "sniping and disruption to stop."

The Federation are also resolving a legal dispute with their president, twice world champion Tony Doyle, who they suspended after only a few weeks in office and then obtained a High Court injunction to stop him from revealing confidential information.