Davies' trip on the Test express

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Q. Bearing in mind that George Sharp umpired his first cricket Test match after just four years on the first-class panel, which British umpire has graduated to the international arena in the shortest time?

A. The record of Dai Davies, ex-Glamorgan, must take some beating. He was appointed to the first-class umpires' list in 1946 and umpired his first Test match against South Africa at Lord's in June 1947. In the following year he was called upon to umpire three Tests against Australia, and he remained on the International panel until 1958.

It was Davies who gave Len Hutton out against South Africa at The Oval in 1951 for "obstructing the field" - the first time the decision had been given in a Test. Davies was also the first Welsh cricket professional and played for Glamorgan from 1923 to the outbreak of war in 1939. - John Edwards, Llanelli


Q. Has there been a one-day cricket international in which one or both sides have reached the required number of overs without losing a wicket? - Jonathan Sanders, London NW8

Q During last Saturday's First Division game between Stoke City and Manchester City, the latter's former manager, Alan Ball, was the subject of verbal abuse from both sets of fans. Has there been any other instance of such vilification? - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

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