Dixon at the double

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Doncaster's victory over Darlington on Saturday was significant not only for enabling the struggling Yorkshire side to enjoy the relief a first victory brings to any season.

It was also special for League goal No 229 in the career of veteran striker Kerry Dixon, starting his 17th season at his eighth club after his move from Watford.

Nowadays, 35-year-old Dixon, who was rejected by Spurs before Chelsea saw the best of his prodigious talent for goals, is shouldering the extra burden of management, which added still more meaning to Saturday's result.

What a pity, then, that this new phase in the former England international's career has been overshadowed by the shabby treatment of his predecessor in the Doncaster manager's chair.

Having been invited to discuss joining the club as a player, Dixon was surprised to be offered the manager's job.

Unfortunately, it seems, no one thought to tell Sammy Chung, manager since 1994, who turned up at Belle Vue for the opening match of the season only to be told he was no longer required.

n It was having his house burgled during the summer, apparently, that caused David Ginola to change his opinion of the north-east. "I thought this part of the country was very safe, but it's not," Newcastle's Frenchman said in a weekend interview, fuelling speculation that Arsenal or Chelsea may soon persuade Kevin Keegan to sell. London, of course, is a much safer place...