Drug test failure Antonella Bevilacqua picked for Italian squad

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Antonella Bevilacqua, the high jumper who last month failed two drug tests for the banned stimulant ephedrine, was yesterday named in Italy's squad for Atlanta. An Italian judicial inquiry cleared Bevilacqua of blame after the first positive test in Milan on 4 May, but a ruling has yet to be made on the second positive test in Bologna on 26 May.

France's Stephane Diagana, the world 400 metres hurdles bronze medallist, pulled out from the French team for next month's Olympics with a foot injury. Diagana, the 27-year-old European record holder, who was one of France's best hopes for a track and field medal in Atlanta, had an unsuccessful fitness test at the French championships last weekend. Also injured and unable to compete is the twice world 800m champion, Billy Konchellah, who yesterday ruled himself out of Kenya's Olympic team because of knee problems.

INTERNATIONAL MEETING (Helsinki, Fin) Selected results: MEN: 100m: 1 F Fredericks (Nam) 9.87; 2 D Braithwaite (GB) 10.13; 3 D Bailey (Can) 10.15. 200m: 1 V Dologodin (Ukr) 2033sec; 2 R Dempers (SA) 2061; 3 D Oaks (US) 2066. 400m: 1 I Thomas (GB) 45.14sec; 2 D Ladejo (GB) 45.19; 3 Robert Guy (Trin and Tob) 45.65. 800m: 1 Ve Rodal (Nor) 1min 44.95sec; 2 H Sepeng (SA) 1:46.00; 3 C Robb (GB) 1:46.42. 1500m: 1 F Kiptoo (Ken) 3min 4309sec; 2 G Stewart (GB) 3:4311; 3 P Mwangi (Ken) 3:4407. 110m hurdles: 1 T Jarrett (GB) 13.48sec; 2 F Balzer (Ger) 1366; 3 LTong (China) 13.67.400m hurdles: 1 T Zellner (US) 48.82sec; 2 R Robinson (Aus) 48.85; 3 L Herbert (SA) 49.41. Shot: 1 P Dal Soglio (It) 20.44m; 2 C J Hunter (US) 19.60; 3 M Koistinen (Fin) 19.18. Triple jump: 1 J Edwards (GB) 17.82m; 2 S Njerve (Nor) 17.01; 3 C Calado (Por) 16.69. Pole vault: 1= I Trandenkov (Rus) 5.80m, V Strogolev (Rus) 5.80; 3 D Markov (Bela) 5.70. Javelin: 1 B Henry (Ger) 86.48m; 2 P Boden (Swe) 82.60; 3 H Hakkarainen (Fin) 81.76. WOMEN: 100m: 1 M Trandenkova (Rus) 1110sec; 2 M Richardson (GB) 1148; 3 J Manninen (Fin) 1151. 400m: 1 A Jurtsenko (Ukr) 5278sec; 2 L Naylor (Aus) 5333; 3 Y Warren (US) 5398. 800m: 1 K Holmes (GB) 1min 58.53sec; 2 M Everlof (Swe) 2:01.66; 3 K Gudesen (Den) 2:04.61. 5,000m: 1 F Ribeiro (Por) 14min 52.66sec; 2 A Sandell (Fin) 15:14.34; 3 S Wedlund (Swe) 15:19.53. Long jump: 1 L Ninova (Aut) 6.99m; 2 Y Chen (Rus) 6.71; 3 V Vershinina (Ukr) 6.64. High jump: 1 D Marti (GB) 1.92m; 2 N Zilienskiene (Lith) 1.89; 3 J Jennings (GB) 1.83. Javelin: 1 T Damaske (Ger) 66.62m; 2 H Rantanen (Fin) 65.46; 3 O Ovchinnikova (Rus) 63.26.