Drugs in sport: Nebiolo outlines global anti-drugs strategy

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PRIMO NEBIOLO, the president of the International Amateur Athletics Federation, has called for a worldwide anti-doping programme, using uniform strategies and procedures across all sports.

Nebiolo, who caused controversy last month after criticising tennis, cycling and volleyball authorities for refusing to sign an Olympic accord which aimed to unify anti-drugs procedures, repeated his belief that all sports federations should join the anti-doping effort in a letter to the Italian daily sports newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We must work out new measures for blocking this dangerous moral drift," he said. "In my opinion the first measure is to elaborate a unique list of doping substances for all sports. The second action should provide random tests in all sports... and tests that are carried out according to equal procedures accepted by everybody."

Nebiolo's comments come in the wake of several high-profile drugs scandals in sport.

Officials of several teams competing in the Tour de France were arrested and their rooms searched following allegations related to performance- enhancing drug use.

Last week, two US athletes, Randy Barnes and Dennis Mitchell, tested positive for drugs. Then the Irish Olympic champion swimmer, Michelle de Bruin, was banned for four years after allegedly tampering with a test sample.

Nebiolo also called for more co-operation between sporting and civil authorities, to avoid long and costly trials initiated by athletes opposing suspensions following positive tests.

"Rights of the citizen-athlete must be guaranteed, but we have often the impression... of an excess of nationalistic protection," Nebiolo wrote.