Drugs in Sport: S Koreans cleared

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THE SIX South Korean athletes who had apparently eaten drug-spiced dog have been cleared to compete in Barcelona by their country's Olympic committee.

Kim Kwang-ho, the head of the KOC's medical committee, said yesterday that further examination of the athletes, who had tested positive for banned substances, showed that traces of steroids did not exceed levels permitted by the International Olympic Committee.

'The problems are minor and negligible,' he said and added that it was likely the six had inadvertently taken steroids which had been mixed into 'Kae Soju', a local health drink made of a whole dog boiled with herbs and spices.

He said athletes would be advised to seek expert advice before taking 'Kae Soju' or other herbal medicines. 'We can't stop them from eating it. But they should make sure there's no problem before taking it.'