EA Sports' Season Ticket to offer early access and discounts

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Early access to games like FIFA, Madden and PGA Tour and 20% off extra content are among the perks for those who subscribe to a new Season Ticket initiative.

The pass is being planned for a number of EA's sports titles, with Madden NFL 12 first up on August 30, as games in the NHL, FIFA (both due September) and 2012's PGA Tour series follow suit.

The scheme is currently being touted for the Xbox 360, and priced at 2000 Microsoft Points - around $25, €24, or £17 - with a PlayStation 3 version restricted to North America.

Subscribers will be allowed to download and play the full retail version of each game for three days before its official release date.

Also promised is a suite of online customization tools, centered around the creation of both teams and tournaments, giving it something in common with Activision's Call of Duty Elite scheme.

There's a 20% members' discount that applies to any post-release downloadable content, a nod to the season passes available for Mortal Kombat and LA Noire - though in this case, fan will still need to cough up for the content they want rather than have it included in the Season Ticket price.