Edwards's gold coast

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Q. Which British footballer has won most domestic and European winner's medals?

A. The most bedecked player in rugby league is Shaun Edwards: nine Cup- Winners' medals, four Premiership medals, five Lancashire Cup medals, seven First Division medals, six Regal Trophy medals. The icing on the cake: three World Club Challenge medals. Surely a record never again to be broken. - Kevin Maguire, Batley.

Q. Which sport held the first world championship?

A. Excluding the ancient Olympic games, the first world sports championships were held in billiards. The World Professional Billiards Championships began in England as long ago as 1870, although it was not until 1933 that the rest of the world got a look-in when the Australian Walter Lindrum was the winner, the previous 33 championships having been won by English players. - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

A. Many sporting world championships are of recent origin. Pre-dating the first Modern Olympics (Athens, 1896), world championships were held for weightlifting (1891), speed skating (1893) and cycling (amateurs 1893, professionals 1895).

World championships in chess date back to 1886, in rackets to 1820, and in real tennis to circa 1740, when a Frenchman named Clerge became the title-holder. - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q. Stockport County played Ipswich on 19 September for the first time. County have now played every team in the Premiership and Endsleigh League, plus every club to have left the League since the Second World War. Can any club match this?

A. Andrew Kirkham (22 October) is incorrect in saying that Walsall have never met Tottenham Hotspur. The sides met in the FA Cup third round on 4 January 1969 at Walsall. Tottenham won 1-0, with Jimmy Greaves scoring. - Philip Farr, Chapmore End, Ware


Q. After the first match in the Endsleigh League this season, Portsmouth were top of the First Division. Now, just 12 games later, they are bottom, having dropped 23 places in the process. Has any other side in the history of professional football managed a worse performance or, if not, which was the next worst? - S K Tater, Southsea

Q. Nottingham Forest extended their unbeaten Premiership run to 23 games last Saturday with a defeat of Bolton Wanderers. They have not lost since February. What is the longest spell a top-division team has lasted without losing, or, indeed, without a win? - Gary Henderson, Norwich

Q. Has any Liverpool-born cricketer ever played for England? - John Rigby, Oldham

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