Equestrianism: Edgar overcomes injury

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MARIE EDGAR, who gained her second victory of the Royal Windsor Horse Show yesterday, now looks sure of a place in tomorrow's Toyota British Horsemaster in which four riders jump their own and each other's horses.

But Edgar's pleasure in qualifying must be tinged with anxiety since she is suffering from a pulled muscle between her ribs, which left her doubled up in pain after competing in one of yesterday's classes.

The injury was sustained on Wednesday when Edgar, having cleaned the windscreen wipers on the horses' lorry, misjudged the distance from the bumper to the ground.

Edgar, 22, won the Grade A Jumping on Everest Unique. She also had the fastest time on Surething in the Leverton Speed Classic, won by John Whitaker on Everest Hopscotch.

Liz Edgar, Marie's mother, kept the family in the prize- money by finishing runner-up to Whitaker in the speed contest on Everest Radiant. Marie may borrow the mare for tomorrow's Horsemaster, which carries pounds 10,000 in prize-money plus a car if anyone succeeds in winning with four clear rounds.

ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW: Grade A Jumping: 1 Everest Unique (M Edgar) clear, 44.80sec; 2 Alfredo (K Brown) clear, 45.11; 3 Wessex Fields of Athenry (P Sutton) clear, 45.26. Leverton Speed Classic: 1 Everest Hopscotch (J Whitaker) clear, 52.95sec; 2 Everest Radiant (L Edgar) clear, 54.37; 3 Supergrass (M Lewis) clear, 54.50. British Cars Contracts Hunter Championship: King's Warrior (R Oliver); Reserve: Jack Horner (R Trigg). Hermes Grand Prix Dressage: 1 Arun Tor (F Eilberg) 892pts; 2 Freja (S Dwyer) 881; 3 Marcus (F Craig) 847. Young Riders Dressage: 1 Valent (A Jackson) 414pts; 2 Pablo Picasso (F Bigwood) 408; 3 Weingrafin (N Cooper) 396.