Equestrianism: Fisher maintains Renville's gentle progress in Suffolk success

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JAMES FISHER, riding Renville, won the first of four World Championship International Team Trials at the Suffolk Show yesterday. But, unlike some of his opponents, he has no burning desire to be one of the top three on overall points in the trials and so secure a place on the British squad for the World Equestrian Games in October.

In yesterday's trial, which was incorporated into the Bank of Scotland Grand Prix, Fisher had the distinction of defeating John Whitaker, on the useful Virtual Village Heyman, and Di Lampard, on Abbervail Dream. Fisher's 10-year-old horse only competed in his first Nations' Cup a year ago, jumping a double clear round in Lisbon.

"I'm happy with what he's doing and I'll keep taking each step as it comes," Fisher said. "Renville is very careful and he loves jumping. I would hate him to lose his spark through being pushed too quickly."

Despite a torrential downpour in the morning, the ground stood up well to its soaking. Six horse jumped clear over a course which Fisher and Whitaker felt was about the right size for this stage in the season, although Lampard believed that it should have been bigger - with a tighter time that would have brought it more into line with Continental tracks

Lampard was nevertheless pleased with two clear rounds from Abbervail Dream, who had been off colour when competing at the French Nations' Cup show in La Baule earlier this month.

John Whitaker and the Windsor Grand Prix winner, Diamond Cliff, dropped out of contention when the horse jumped right coming through the second of two trebles and was forced to stop when faced with the wing of the final element. Michael Whitaker had one error in the opening round on Hilton and two on Evert.