Equestrianism: Lop-sided Dun Equity stands tall: Shore repeats himself in Royal International Horse Show

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KEITH SHORE repeated last year's victory here when he won the Redland Roof Tiles Speed Challenge on Dun Equity yesterday. The 12-year-old has had a long lay-off between the wins, having broken his hip at Biarritz last October on the way home from the Nations' Cup show in Lisbon. 'The accident has left him lop-sided, but nothing else has changed,' Shore said.

After overtaking Richard Barton on Sidney Streak to take the lead, Shore had a fraught time watching John Whitaker on the favourite, Everest Roddy's Revenge. Though faster by nearly four seconds, Whitaker incurred the six-second penalty for one mistake to finish in third place.

Shore, the 30-year-old son of a pigeon farmer from Cheshire, will not be riding in tomorrow's King George V Gold Cup. 'Those fences will be big and I don't want to abuse him. I'm just thankful to get him back,' he said of Dun Equity, the best horse in his yard.

Geoff Luckett, who has had a succession of near-misses in recent weeks with Everest Vantage, managed to secure the win he had been waiting for in the Redland Roof Tiles Stakes. 'I told my wife that Vantage had to win sometime soon. He's been jumping so well,' Luckett said.

The brave 14-year-old, who likes nothing better than galloping against the clock in the wide open spaces of Hickstead, overtook Emma-Jane Mac on Bond Diamond by nearly four seconds. Third place went to Denise Cojuangco, from the Philippines, riding Chouman.

As on Thursday, David Bowen rode Ben Hur to a clear round only to finish a split second over the time. He came ninth, two places behind his daughter, Sarah, on Yorkshire Gent.

ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW (Hickstead): Redland Roof Tiles Speed Challenge: 1 Dun Equity (K Shore, GB) 72.84s; 2 Sidney Sneak (R Barton, GB) 73.15; 3 Everest Roddy's Revenge (J Whitaker, GB) 74.88. Redland Roof Tiles Stakes: 1 Everest Vantage (G Luckett, GB) clear, 39.93; 2 Bond Diamond (E-J Brown, GB) clear, 43.91; 3 Chouman (D Cojuangco, Phil) clear, 44.12.