Eurosport and BSkyB to produce content for Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo has something up its sleeve for European sports fans, announcing a partnership with both Eurosport and BSkyB that means the new Nintendo 3DS handheld system will be able to receive 3D sports content on the go.

The service was outlined at Nintendo's 3DS press event in Amsterdam on January 19, and was one of a number of features detailed for the handheld games and entertainment device.

The Eurosport deal covers the entire region, while BSkyB is one of a number of country-level partnerships that Nintendo hopes to secure.

Among them is SpotPass, which enables the 3DS to receive updates and new content at selected public wifi zones or via a home network.

Nintendo is to team up with a number of telecom companies in order to secure hotspot access for the 3DS, having approached Guglielmo and Linkem (Italy), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), KPN (Netherlands), TMN (Portugal), Meteor (Ireland), and BT (UK).

Microsoft has had similar sports partnerships with ESPN, Canal+ and BSkyB that allow Xbox 360 owners with the relevant subscriptions to watch matches via their games console, while Sony has concentrated on connecting with domestic TV channels as well as more high-brow film services.