FA to review ticket prices

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The Association is likely to cut admission prices for both England internationals and FA Cup semi-finals next season. The move follows the public outcry over the high rates charged for this season's games.

A senior FA source said there would be a thorough review of prices during the summer, with a reduction in many seating areas being the probable outcome. There are also likely to be a range of other initiatives aimed at increasing international attendances.

However, in an almost vindictive act by the Match and Grounds Committee, there will no reduction for England's final warm-up game before the European Championships. The FA hopes the Saturday afternoon kick-off will ensure a good attendance despite the unattractive nature of the opponents on 18 May - a poor Hungarian side.

There is a far more daunting task for England on Wednesday when they meet Croatia. Training began at Bisham Abbey yesterday and must have gone well because, afterwards, Terry Venables made the rare mistake of allowing himself to be drawn into saying something controversial.

It has been said of the England coach that if his team blocked attackers as well as he defends leading questions, David Seaman could bring a deckchair to games instead of wearing one but, yesterday, his concentration slipped.

Pressed, once again, on the subject of his successor Venables said: "It's a good job I didn't wait until after Euro 96 [to resign]. If they had taken the same amount of time, we would have played several [World Cup qualifiers] already."

As pens scribbled, the FA was forced to amount a damage limitation exercise. "The process is progressing, not stagnating," a spokesman said. Glenn Hoddle is the current favourite but, with the domestic season entering its crucial phase, it is ludicrous to expect an announcement at the moment.

Only Peter Beardsley, who had a sore leg, and Paul Ince, who is still in Italy, failed to train. Ince, who will join the party after playing for Internazionale this weekend, said from Milan he is likely to stay there next season. "The last three months would be fantastic," he said. "It would be silly for me to pack my bags and go back to England, or have to prove myself again in another country. They love me here. I am like the black Cantona."

The news will disappoint Arsenal, who have been pursuing Ince all season, but please Venables who has seen his Ince broaden his game in Serie A.

There was further good news for Venables from across the Alps in Geneva, where Uefa agreed to allow 22-man squads, with three goalkeepers, for Euro 96. The decison is a victory for Venables, who has led the campaign for an increase from 20.