Faldo's sights fixed on two remaining majors

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After a five-year absence from the US PGA Tour, Nick Faldo makes his reappearance in today's first round of the Tucson Open, writes Robinson Holloway from Tucson, Arizona.

Faldo is uprooting himself from home and family this year, playing 17 tournaments in America, eight prior to the Masters in April. The unstated goal of course, is to win the US Open and the US PGA Championships, the two major titles he lacks.

"I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have the desire," Faldo said. "This is a serious commitment. To be out and about and away from my family, I'm making sacrifices."

Faldo cited the consistency and speed of the greens in America as a large factor in his decision, as well as the condition and quality of the courses and the high level of competition.

"The element of luck is taken out of it over here because you're hitting to perfect fairways and greens. You have to play more aggressively. I'm more aggressive than people give me credit for. I always shoot at the old flag."

Faldo, who has rented a home in Orlando for the year, will be playing two tournaments in Arizona and then two in California. He returns again in March for four in a row in Florida, with a week off before the Masters.