Federer's trickshot and basketball fights in YouTube's most popular sports videos

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Roger Federer turns William Tell, knocking a water bottle from a man's head with a serve, ex-Barcelona player Rafael Marquez finds the net on his debut for Thierry Henry's New York Red Bulls, and a match between Greece and Serbia gets scrappy in the lead-up to the FIBA World Championships - these are among the highlights in YouTube's most popular sports videos in the week leading up to August 25.

Gillette can count its video of Federer's trickshot for its shave brand Fusion a viral success, becoming the week's most viewed video across all categories. Debate centers on whether a tennis player of Federer's calibre would allow themselves to be involved in a fake video, or, alternatively, whether they would willingly serve a tennis ball so close to a man's face.

Rafa Marquez swerves a crackshot into Toronto FC's net, and the Greece vs Serbia friendly basketball game witnesses a nasty brawl that led to a Serbian player's arrest after a chair was thrown, match abandonment, and the possibility of player bans ahead of the World Championships that start on August 28.

Elsewhere, the inventive soccer celebrations of Icelandic team Stjarnan make a reappearance, the potency of American football team NY Jets' Antonio Cromartie is documented, Manchester United win their first game of the season, Chivas' anthem is cut short at South America's Copa Libertadores final, and WWE wrestling shows its popularity with two separate entries - a fan analysis, and part of a full show upload.

1) Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot - 5,316,156 total views
2) Rafa Marquez first goal with New York Red Bulls - 1,483,242 total views
3) Antonio Cromartie Trying To Remember Kids' Names On Hard Knocks - 485,667 total views
4) Greece - Serbia Basketball Fight 19/8/2010 Acropolis Tournament - 481,247 total views
5) Stjarnan celebration: 'Swimming and Rowing' on the pitch against Hauke - 342,470 total views
6) ' Mexican national anthem Inter vs Chivas 3-2 Copa Libertadores final' - 314,793 total views
7) WWE SummerSlam 2010 Review/Recap: Undertaker, Nexus Vs Team, Daniel Bryan - 426,537 total views
8) Greece Serbia Acropolis Tournament Fight - 305,466 total views
9) Manchester United-vs-NewCastle United 3-0 - 328,504 total views
10) WWE Smackdown 8/20/10 Part 1/10 (HQ) - 258,938 total views