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Sanz increases pressure on Uefa hierarchy
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LORENZO SANZ, the president of Real Madrid, yesterday renewed his attack against Uefa, accusing European football's governing body of trying to exercise too much control over clubs.

Sanz, one of the few senior club officials to come out in favour of Media Partners' rival plans for a new European super league, called on Uefa to cede television rights to the clubs. "I don't understand why they think they are the lords and masters of everything," he said. "They just act as they please."

Sanz believes Uefa will change its stance over the Media Partners offer, although he described the figures being talked about by the Milan-based company as "exaggerated". He said: "If the figures are correct then they would cause a revolution in football. Between Uefa and Media Partners there is a difference of pounds 570m per year.

He added: "Uefa say that if we have rights then we will have to assume obligations. We have nothing against that, assuming they give us, for example, the management of our television rights."

Across the Spanish capital, the Atletico Madrid president Jesus Gil is once again lined with controversy. Last week anti-corruption police raided club offices at the Vicente Calderon stadium.

The police were believed to be looking for documents detailing the relationship between the club and the council of Marbella, where Gil is the mayor. The town is close to bankruptcy after running up debts in the region of pounds 135m, and the regional authorities in Andalusia have refused Gil, a construction tycoon, permission for any more development in the town.