Football: Bons mots of the week

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We seem to have been watching two World Cups: one with common sense ... and one without

BBC commentator John Motson after two red cards were shown in yesterday's Belgium v Mexico match.

We Germans must dominate matches. We can't just run behind like you do at a dance when you are not quite up with the beat.

Berti Vogts, the Germany coach, after his side's 2-0 win against the USA.

I didn't realise Jurgen Klinsmann could speak German.

Gary Lineker, after a sub-titled clip of the former Spurs forward talking in his native tongue.

When we're all here, we're all necessary. But when we're not here, then we're none of us essential.

Colombia's Carlos Valderrama on the expulsion from their squad of Faustino Asprilla.

I'm in the World Cup at last.

Alessandro del Piero following his 25-minute debut for Italy against Cameroon.

I understand he knows a lot about cycling.

Cesare Maldini's response when told that Italy's Prime Minister would like Alessandro del Piero in their starting line-up.

If we are to die, then we will die standing.

Iran's coach Jalal Talebi.

At times in the second half it looked as if we had the 11 men and they had 10. Cameroon coach Claude Le Roy ater the 3-0 defeat by Italy

I wonder if Cafu would want to come to London ... to play for Fulham.

Kevin Keegan, conjuring a Craven image of Brazil's right-back

We're still here and we'll be fighting to the end.

Craig Brown, Scotland's coach, after their 1-1 draw with Norway

You can still sing at 90. Maybe I should take up singing.

Denmark's Michael Laudrup after celebrating his 34th birthday last week

I look at the players around me and I think we've got the right equipment to win the World Cup.

England's Paul Ince

Jamaica doesn't lose, Jamaica is always the winner because they learn.

Jamaica's coach Rene Simoes after the 3-1 defeat by Croatia