Football: Compensation row simmers

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A Scottish League management committee meeting in Glasgow yesterday decided that compensation still has to be decided before there can be a settlement in the breakaway row in Scottish football.

The 10 clubs involved in the breakaway league tried to push forward their proposal that they should be allowed to retire from the Premier League, but were knocked back in the vote, which was tied 6-6.

Peter Donald, the League secretary, explained: "The principle is agreed, for the clubs from the First, Second and Third Divisions obviously showed during this meeting that they accept the idea of the breakaway. But they want to be sure of compensation."

Lex Gold, the spokesman for the Premier Division clubs, said: "The decision taken by the committee is disappointing, but again it will not deflect the will of the Premier Division clubs to establish the Scottish Premiership in time for the start of next season.

"The Premier Division clubs will meet to explore the options open to us, but I would make it clear that the offer of a financial support package for the SFL and the clubs in the three lower divisions has been withdrawn."