Football: Deehan promises business as usual

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NORWICH CITY moved yesterday to fill the void created by Mike Walker's walk-out when they appointed John Deehan and Gary Megson as a new managerial team. They will follow it by attempting to keep together the team on which continued success may depend.

The first concern for the new regime centres on the key players, Ian Crook, Ian Culverhouse and Rob Newman, who are all out of contract at the end of the season. However, Robert Chase, the Norwich chairman, is confident they will all agree to new deals in the 'next two weeks'.

'They have been a cornerstone for our success and despite what has gone on over the last week we believe we can make it attractive enough for them to stay,' he said.

At 36 and 34 respectively, Deehan and Megson are the Premiership's youngest managerial team. For the new boss, Walker's assistant for the last 18 months, it is a case of change but no change. 'We will continue to play positive, attacking football with the emphasis very much on entertainment and with the intention of scoring as many goals as possible,' Deehan said. 'The inclusion of Gary on the coaching staff will be a gradual process. His main priority will still be as a player and in the meantime, the bulk of coaching will continue to be down to me.'

Deehan has agreed to the same terms that Walker was under but which forced last week's resignation for the greater security on offer at Everton. 'It is a contract that rolls on every year and will do so until John reaches the age of 55,' Chase added. 'Every June there is a break clause when both parties can walk away from it if they wish.'