Football: Del Piero 'for sale'

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Alessandro Del Piero and Christian Vieri, bright young things of the richly talented Juventus, are up for sale - but the price is equally stellar.

Umberto Agnelli, the Turin club's owner, said both players may be transferred at the end of the season if the right offers from Spanish and English clubs are forthcoming.

"I wish both Del Piero and Vieri can stay with Juve next season... however, if bids between 30bn to 36bn lire [pounds 11.25m to pounds 16.8m] have been actually made for the two players, it's right for the club to take them in due consideration," Agnelli said yesterday.

Atletico Madrid reportedly offered 30bn lire for Vieri, a 23-year-old striker who has become a regular with the Italian national team.

Del Piero, at 22 one of the most brilliant Italian players of his generation, is being sought by Newcastle. Reports put the bid for Del Piero by the Premier League club, who are to play Juventus in August in a game to mark the Serie A club's centenary, at 36bn lire.

Juventus are still competing for a third European Champions' Cup, against Borussia Dortmund in Munich on 28 May, and the Serie A title. Last year they sold the strikers Gianluca Vialli to Chelsea and Fabrizio Ravanelli to Middlesbrough after winning both competitions.