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There have been many memorable matches between England and Scotland down the years. Here former players from each country have picked out their favourites.

SIR TOM FINNEY (England 1947-59)

Scotland 0 England 2

Hampden Park, 10 April 1948.

"This was my first match at Hampden and we won 2-0 and I scored the opening goal, which made it a bit special. I was playing outside left and I picked the ball up, went through and hit it from just outside the box. Obviously it was a great thrill to score, especially in front of a packed crowd of 130,000 as it was in those days. Before the game we had been introduced to Field Marshall Montgomery. He had a word with me because I had been in the Eighth Army and later he sent me a signed photo."


Scotland 1972-78

England 2 Scotland 3

(Wembley, 15 April 1967)

"I remember watching the game at home on TV and it was just a wonderful occasion. We were playing the team that had just won the World Cup a year earlier and the thought that Scotland could beat them, well we didn't think it could happen. It was one of those performances from the team, and Jim Baxter in particular, that was just fantastic. I think it's fair to say that it was the best result Scotland have ever had against England, taking all things into consideration."


England 1962-69

Scotland 3 England 4

(Hampden Park, 2 April 1966)

"This match was significant because it was just before the World Cup so we were all on trial. The team played well and it helped influence the places for the World Cup squad. I scored twice and Bobby Charlton scored one as did Geoff Hurst and I think it was Geoff's first goal for England. My first goal was with my left foot and it went in off the post. For the second one, Alan Ball pushed the ball through and I just beat Billy Bremner to it and put it in with my right foot."


Scotland 1972-79

England 1 Scotland 2

(Wembley, 4 June 1977)

"There's only one game that stands out for me and that was when we beat them 2-1 and the fans took down the goalposts. We were in the changing rooms when we were told that they had started to invade the pitch and we found it hilarious. It had been quite a while since we had beaten them at Wembley and that win really meant a lot to us all. England probably had the better players, but we had been confident going into the game and we were the better team on the day."


England 1985-1992

Scotland 0 England 2

(Hampden Park, 27 May 1989)

"I scored in this game at Hampden and I remember that Steve Bull got the other goal. I remember the ball came across and I gambled and made a run. I half headed it, but the power of the cross was enough for it to bullet into the goal. We controlled the game and ran out easy winners at 2-0 and I was surprised by how much space we had. Normally games between the two are played at 100 miles per hour with tackles flying in, but on this occasion it wasn't like that."


Scotland 1972-82

Scotland 2 England 1

(Hampden Park,15 May 1976)

"I always remember the game where Ray Clemence let the ball in through his legs. It was at Hampden and Kenny Dalglish hit this really weak shot from Joe Jordan's cross. We all thought Ray could save it, but somehow it passed through his legs and over the line.

"The shot was so weak I don't think it hit the back of the net. Instead it just sort of crawled over and that proved to be the winning goal."