Football: Everton caught by video nasty

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Everton have cancelled the sale of a special edition video - because Duncan Ferguson's face is on the front cover of the tape.

The embarrassed Goodison club have called off a launch of a celebration of derby victories over Liverpool, which features some of the clubs legends.

On the cover, Ferguson is seen saluting a goal but now he is being hurriedly removed from the central shot after his controversial pounds 8m sale to Newcastle United. A new edition is being put together in an attempt to rush out a Fergie-free product in time for Christmas.

The Football Association have declared their intention to resolve the misconduct case against Nottingham Forest following the "bungs" inquiry early next year after criticism from the club at the delay.

Forest's chief executive, Phil Soar, told the club's annual meeting the 11-month delay since the charges were made was an "absolute disgrace."

Forest were charged with misconduct for "failing to properly supervise their employees" in a number of transfer dealings which took place while the club was managed by Brian Clough in the late 1980s and early 1990s.