Football: FA puts Schmeichel in the clear

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Peter Schmeichel is unlikely to be called to account over new allegations of racism dating back more than six years.

The Crown Prosecution Service last week decided to take no further action over allegations that the Manchester United goalkeeper abused Arsenal striker Ian Wright last November, while a Sunday newspaper yesterday accused him of mouthing racial obscenities at the Leeds striker Rod Wallace.

David Davies, the Football Association's director of public affairs, confirmed yesterday that the paper had sent a videotape, but said only that "the matter will be dealt with". However, as the new case also rests on lip-reading interpretation of television film, and since no complaint was made about the incident at the time, the case is unlikely to proceed.

The Australian FA has proposed home and away friendlies for Terry Venables' side against England next year. The idea is unlikely to get off the ground, though, because of the travelling distances involved, especially in World Cup year.

Bruce Grobbelaar yesterday complained to police about racial abuse handed out to three opposing players and then identified one of his own club's fans as the culprit. After his complaint, police officers at Shrewsbury on Saturday police arrested a Plymouth fan, who was questioned on Saturday night.

"I know this fan and had no problems pointing him out," Grobbelaar said. "He follows Plymouth to most of the northern grounds and abuses our own black players too. It's something I feel very strongly about - there is no room for racism in sport."

A police spokesman confirmed that a young Plymouth supporter was arrested after he was identified by Grobbelaar as the source of racist taunts aimed at Shrewsbury's three black players, Mickey Brown, Mark Taylor and Steve Anthrobus.