Football: Fans' Brighton rally

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Brighton supporters are aiming to keep up the pressure on under- fire chairman Bill Archer by planning a rally at Trafalgar Square before the Third Division match at Fulham this month.

Over 2,000 discontented Seagull fans boycotted yesterday's 1-1 home draw with Mansfield which led to a crowd of 1,933, the lowest in Albion's history.

Jimmy Case, the manager, admitted the on-going campaign to force Archer and the chief executive, David Bellotti, to resign was "making football secondary".

Supporters groups have made it clear in a statement that boycotting the match was not aimed at the team.

The statement said: "Staying away is the last thing any of us wanted to do, but sadly, it was necessary for Albion fans to make the ultimate gesture of any football supporter."