Football: Fowler demands pounds 50,000 a week from Liverpool

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Robbie Fowler could become the highest-paid footballer in the country. The 22-year-old England striker wants pounds 50,000 a week from Liverpool to stay with the club for the next five years. Fowler and his adviser, George Scott, have been in negotiations over the past few weeks, and Liverpool seem to be considering paying Fowler very close to what he is seeking - which would make him the best-paid player in Britain.

An annual salary of pounds 2.6m would have repercussions at Liverpool, with other players looking for increases. But Fowler's position is still strong in the negotiations. He would have no hesitation in moving on if he a new deal is not sorted out to his satisfaction. He has told friends that the way the fans have sometimes turned on him during games worries him about his long-term status at the club.

- Alan Nixon