Football: Hoddle refused pounds 750,000

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GLENN HODDLE has defended his right to a pay rise despite England's form since the World Cup.

After Wednesday's 3-0 victory in Luxembourg the England coach said he had turned down the chance two months ago to treble his current salary, which is believed to be pounds 250,000 a year.

Hoddle has already agreed with the Football Association that he will not consider extending his contract, which runs until 2000, until after the end of the Euro 2000 qualifying campaign. Yet an outline agreement seems to have been reached with the FA that his salary will be increased by up to 40 per cent to put him in line with other international managers.

Two unconvincing performances in five days have done little to temper the growing criticism of Hoddle. Asked whether he merited a pay rise, he sidestepped the question.

"I was asked to sign a longer-term contract coming out of the World Cup, which I could have done quite easily and probably trebled my money, quite honestly," he said. "But I said that I wanted time to think about it. Football can turn around so quickly. It has done this way around but it can turn right back round again, and people would then say: 'Yes, he deserved it.' If we'd won these last two games, then no one would be questioning it.

"I've said, and the FA have said, that we want to take it on to qualify for the European Championship. I could easily have taken the longer-term contract, but it's not what I wanted at that moment in time. That might change."

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