Football: Howard Wilkinson: Words from a previous incarnation

1995 If I am ever reincarnated, I'd like to return as a personality


Don't ask me whether it was a good game. It'd be like asking a surgeon if it was a good operation


There's only two types of manager. Those who've been sacked and those who will be sacked in the future


I'm healthy, I've got a house, I eat well - how can I be unhappy? There's thousands with none of these things


Journalists arrived from all over Europe to meet him [Eric Cantona]. He gave interviews on art, philosophy and politics. A natural room-mate for David Batty, I thought immediately (before the rift with Cantona)


The England manager has to fight the system and the press from day one


A myth has grown up that football should in some way strive to be entertaining. Sport is not entertainment. It's an activity for the benefit of the participants. If you run away from that you risk having the wrong pipers calling the tune


A manager is not self-employed. If he's not in the directors' hands, he's in the players' hands. And if he's not in the players' hands, he's in the fans' hands (days before sacking by Leeds)


Life has to be lived forwards, but can only be viewed backwards (slogan on Hoddle's office wall)

... and how others see him


Wilko for England! Leeds fans' chant during 5-0 defeat at Liverpool


There are bigger heads than mine in the First Division. Howard Wilkinson's springs to mind Brian Clough

1999 At the end [of his team talks] we'd be thinking: `Eh?' David Batty


Batty is a really good player, a good passer. Howard Wilkinson curbed his style at Leeds, made Batts more disciplined than expansive

Kenny Dalglish


There's a great deal of psychology involved in running a football team and Howard understands the psyche of the modern player better than most.

Howard Kendall, after Leeds' Championship season


His comments were strange and rather incoherent. One moment he would tell me that he wants me to know that I owe everything to him, that I am only a Frenchman lost in the English League, and at other times he would say that without me, the team is nothing

Eric Cantona


Preparation was, and still is, an obsession with Wilkinson... At Wednesday, I got the impression he thought he could transform a squad of competent players into a team capable of competing with the best. He also believed he could transform the fortunes of problem players

Lee Chapman


I know it sounds nuts, but I thought I was signing for Howard Kendall. He was the only Howard I'd really heard of

Vinnie Jones