Football: `I don't want England job,' says Venables

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THE FORMER England coach Terry Venables has ruled out a return to the job once Kevin Keegan's four-match reign comes to an end in June.

Speaking for the Football Association, Noel White said last week: "We will look at certain names put before us and Terry's will almost certainly be among those."

But Venables has snubbed that olive branch from the man viewed as one of the key men behind his departure from the post in 1996.

Venables said: "It's too late now. I am no longer interested in the job. I think the FA would have let Keegan have anything to take the job - just as long as it wasn't me.

"I've not spoken to anybody at the FA about it. They didn't ask me if I wanted it in the beginning. If they had, I would have said yes. But I'm not interested now."