Football: `I shout, I have a big mouth. But I get it back, too'

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I was a part-timer until I was 24. I had part-time jobs, did an apprenticeship as a carpet fitter, sold advertising for a local newspaper and worked as a cleaner. I know what real work is all about. That makes me appreciate football all the more.

If we played the 1968 Manchester United team, we would beat them 10- 0. I am part of the greatest United side of all time. We probably play at twice the speed they did in 1968.

Three days later:

I have been embarrassed in front of people I respect, like Bobby Charlton and Brian Kidd. It's been a rotten few days for me.

People see me as a big loud character and it suits me that way because in my private life I am completely different... there is nothing of interest in my private world.

I play a bit on the piano before every game - anything from Billy Joel to classical.

When I shout at defenders it's just frustration coming out. They know and I know it's not a personal thing. I shout, I have a big mouth. But I get it back, too.

I want to stop while there is still petrol in the tank. I don't want to be kicked out.

When I stop playing I have this dream of actually seeing all the places I have visited as a sportsman.

You never get tired of winning the Premiership, of going to the FA Cup final, of going for the European Cup. I have never once thought that my career would have been better if I had moved.

I have been amazed by the hatred shown by some of the opposing fans towards Manchester United. I have gone home from games sometimes and wondered why I bothered. We have been kicked when trying to get on the coach and I have lost count of how many times I have been spat at.