Football: Ince angered by snubs

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Paul Ince yesterday hit back at suggestions that a number of leading Premiership clubs have changed their minds about signing him should he decide to leave his Italian club Internazionale this summer.

"You need a player like me if you are going to win League championships," Ince said after England's 2-0 World Cup win over Georgia. "I get livid when I hear or read that I've been snubbed by the likes of Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool.

"Peter Hill-Wood [the Arsenal chairman] is saying that I'm 29 and past my sell-by date. Well, that's just crap. At 29 I'm reaching my peak and I'm playing the best football of my career. I don't like it when I'm getting snubbed, as if to say I'm not a good player all of a sudden. I just stick my fingers up to the people saying that.

"But for Robert Coar [the Blackburn chairman] to come out and say the same sort of thing is the last straw. Let's be serious. You can tell him that he'd be lucky if I came to Blackburn, let alone them snub me. That's my message to him.

"I won Premiership titles with Manchester United. Liverpool need to do that and it's the same with Arsenal. They need a player like me to achieve that.

"I'm fed up with all these snubs but Everton are a big club and looking to get better. They have had a few problems but the potential and money is there. If they were interested I'd talk to them.

"People keep saying that if I came back that it would have to be to a London club. That's not necessarily true. The wife's mother lives in London but, if and when I come back, it doesn't matter where I go."

Ince added: "There is a lot of guessing going on about what sort of fee would be involved but people don't know what the price would be if I decide to come back. People think they are going to have to pay pounds 7m - but if it's only pounds 3.5m then they might change their mind. I haven't decided what I am going to do. It's possible I might stay another year and anything in that direction will not happen until after the Uefa Cup final."