Football: Keegan quit after seeing Francis' 'pain'

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Kevin Keegan yesterday revealed that it was Newcastle's 7-1 win over Tottenham that made up his mind to resign.

In his first in-depth interview, Keegan told the Sun he longer experienced the joy of winning. "It was the expression on the face of Gerry Francis [the Tottenham manager], a man I like and respect a great deal," Keegan said. "The elation of winning suddenly meant nothing when I looked at him and thought: 'Oh no, how must he be feeling inside?'

"This was the man I succeeded as England captain. A terrific manager who didn't deserve what he had to contend with that afternoon. I wanted to go up and give him a cuddle. And I knew that was it - that when you feel like that you have to get out.

"I discovered in five years with Newcastle that the elation of winning is never as great as the disappointment of losing."

Keegan said he was now going to pursue business interests and was not looking for another club.