Football: Life after Hoddle - Foreign lessons: How they manage the demands of media and public abroad

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Roger Lemerre



Promotion to 1st Division with Lens; World Cup-winning coach (assistant to Aime Jacquet); 6 caps

Appointment structure

The President of the French Federation makes the appointment following widespread and lengthy consultations


He was already contracted to the French Federation and has no separate contract

So what's


Nothing much. He was No 2 to the old No 2, who had himself been No 2...

What could finish him?

Bad results. Jacquet's achievements will be hard to match



So-so. He is certainly not disliked, but he is no Platini

Headline to


"Au nom de Dieu, partez!"

("In the name of God, go!")


Erich Ribbeck


Won Euro 80 and finished runner-up in Spain 82 as assistant coach of German national team; Uefa Cup winner as coach of Bayer Leverkusen

Archaic. The DFB (German Federation) is often likened to the IOC Executive Committee: 2 or 3 men make all decisions

Up to and including Euro 2000;

pounds 85,000 (approx)

He has been in the game for so long that he is known as "Sir Erich"

He was not first choice; many believe he lacks tactical acumen

The tabloid Bild can be aggressive. When Germany were knocked out of USA 94, it ran the headline: "Just sign here Berti ..."

"Im Nahmen des Gottes, gehen sie!"


Frank Rijkaard


5 Dutch league titles & 3 Cups, 1 Cup- Winners' Cup, 1 European Cup (all Ajax); 2 league titles, 2 European Cups, 2 Super Cups (all Milan); winner Euro 88; 72 caps

Special seven-man panel within the Dutch Federation makes the important decisions

Up to and including Euro 2000; pounds 230,000 (approx)

Rijkaard is the first black, and youngest ever, national coach

This is his first ever managerial job;

under investigation for tax fraud in Italy

So far so good, though results will be crucial; the Telegraaf is the main tabloid and can be professionally scathing

"En de naam van God, vertrek!"


Dino Zoff


6 Italian league titles with Juventus as a player; Uefa and Italian Cup as Juventus coach; World Cup winner with Italy in 1982; 112 caps

The President of the Federazione Italiana makes the final decision, although he will

consult senior figures in the game

4 years;

pounds 250,000-300,000

A national hero, he is almost


As ever in Italy, only winning counts (apart from style of course)

Good. He is an experienced and

respected mediator

"Nel nome di dio, parta!"


Jose Camacho


9 league titles, 4 Spanish Cups, 2 Uefa cups (all as a Real Madrid player);

promotion to 1st Division as coach of

Espanol; 81 caps

The decision is taken by a two- or three- man board only; very secretive

Up to and including Euro 2000;

pounds 425,000 (approx)

Compared with his predecessor Clemente, everything. He is liked,

respected and successful

As with Clemente, only exceptionally poor results

Excellent. He enjoys the support of all

media due to his politeness, and the fact that he speaks Catalan

"En el nombre de Dios, ve te!"


Vanderley Luxemburgo


Undistinguished as a player, but won three Brazilian league titles as manager

The CBF President is very autocratic; as ever, there are suggestions that Nike were consulted

Not known, although it is irrelevant as only results count

He is determined to look more modern,

dynamic and European; wears a suit however hot; speaks computer jargon

There are legal cases against him for fraud

Tame on ethics, vicious on football style

"No nome de Deus, se mande!"