Football: On the move

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David Rocastle, Leeds Utd to Manchester City

David White, Manchester City to Leeds

Tony Dobson, Blackburn to Portsmouth

David Walton, Sheffield Utd to Shrewsbury

Roger Willis, Watford to Birmingham

Chris Fry, Hereford to Colchester

Mark Gayle, Walsall to Crewe

Marvin Harriott, Barnsley to Bristol City

Kenny Lowe, Stoke to Birmingham

Neil Masters, Bournemouth to Wolves

Robbie Painter, Burnley to Darlington

Graham Potter, Birmingham to Stoke

David Reeves, Notts County to Carlisle

John Ryan, Rochdale to Bury

Peter Shearer, Bournemouth to Birmingham


Lee Hirst, Coventry to Lincoln

Mark Flatts, Arsenal to Brighton

Carl Shutt, Birmingham to Manchester City

Lee Hodges, Tottenham to Wycombe

Warren Aspinall, Portsmouth to Bournemouth

Andrew Barnes, Crystal Palace to Carlisle

David Barnett, Barnet to Birmingham

Luther Blissett, Bury to Mansfield

Alan Findlay, Stockport to Rochdale

Steve Fulton, Bolton to Peterborough

Ian Kilford, Nottingham Forest to Wigan

Graham Mitchell, Huddersfield to Bournemouth

Jason Rees, Luton to Mansfield

Jon Sheffield, Cambridge Utd to Colchester

Ian Stringfellow, Mansfield to Chesterfield

Jimmy Case, Sittingbourne to Brighton