Football: Parkes heralds a new beginning

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Tony Parkes saw yesterday's victory as a new beginning for Blackburn. "It speaks for itself that you're going to be pleased when you beat Liverpool 3-0 after not managing a win in your previous 11 games," the Rovers caretaker- manager said.

"I've left a very happy dressing-room and this could be the first game of the season as far as Blackburn Rovers are concerned. What's gone is gone. We had a plan and it worked. We tried a new formation and the players responded to it superbly well.

"My own position remains unchanged. The club is looking for a star name manager. But we have good directors and a good owner and after 26 years I certainly hope to be staying.

"But our situation cannot revolve around the interests of one man and we've got to use this as a platform. The best thing is that the will and the desire is there."

Roy Evans, the Liverpool manager, said: "Right from the word go we were caught out and it took us 35 minutes to get going. Once again we didn't defend well and there were careless mistakes and a lack of resilience.

"It was a very poor team performance. We'll have to take stock because champions don't concede too many goals."